• The RosGuill has a hydraulic diver’s lift.
  • The area from Tory Island to Malin Head has the best diving
    in Oceanic water, both scenic and wreck, available in Ireland.
  • Veronica and Roscommon bells recovered 2011.
  • Stern bell from Transylvania recovered 2009
  • Bell from Carinthia recovered in October 2007
  • British World War I D6 Submarine found in 2005
  • British World War II HMS Hurst Castle found in 2011
  • 11 New Wrecks Found in November 2005
  • Virgin wrecks available for technical/rebreather divers.
  • World’s largest selection of Submarines
  • 109 Wrecks within 40 miles of Melmore Head
  • E mail for up to date list of wrecks with depths which includes list of wrecks which have not yet been dived
  • Technical and air divers

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