Fishing and Sea Angling from Rosguill, Downings, North
Donegal, Ireland

  • Bottom: Some of the best bottom fishing in Ireland over clean
    & mixed ground- plenty of fish and species
  • Tory Island : Renowned for the quality of it’s reef fishing,
    and a great place to go in strong winds for sheltered fishing
    in the lee of the Island
  • Wrecks: Within 40 miles of Downings there are 109 wrecks, including
    the Audacious, a dreadnought battleship of 23,000 tons and the
    Justicia of 32,000 tons, the second largest vessel afloat at the
    time of her sinking in 1914
  • Sheephaven and Mulroy Bays: Fish – even in a storm- for rays,
    dogfish and flatfish etc.
  • Blue Shark: Season: July to October. Some good sized blue shark
    including the Skipper’s best of 124 pounds, caught in 1992
  • Porbeagle Sharks have been increasing in numbers and size since 2006 – season June  – October
  • Bluefin Tuna: 344 pound Bluefin Tuna caught on October 14th,
    2000 on the RosGuill’s second day fishing! Also, first Tuna in
    Ireland of 2003 (507lbs) caught on the RosGuill, September 20th.
  • Tope in reasonable numbers from end of May until October.

Rods, reels oilskins and tackle can be hired on a daily rate basis