HMS Hurst Castle

July 22nd, 2014

Weather, water temperature & visibility really cannot be beaten at this moment off north Donegal. Calm seas, 16 + degrees Centigrade & 20m+ vis.

Below is a very nice photograph from a couple weeks ago of the bow of HMS Hurst Castle – taken close to the bow fairlead and also showing the ship’s anchor still in the hawsehole.

Also 2 photographs from differing angles of the “Squid launcher” on HMS Hurst Castle. The Squid launcher was the latest technology during WW2 which allowed anti-submarine charges to be delivered forward of the surface vessel at a depth determined by the “ASDIC”. This system dropped the squids in a triangle pattern which may be ascertained by the 2 slightly offset tubes.

Hurst Castle

Squid 1

Squid 2