2016 Starts

June 5th, 2016

2016 has started with fairly mixed fishing.


Mackeral are playing “silly buggars” same as this past 4 years – they should be fairly plentiful at start June, but not so – they are scarce.

Our old friends from way back 13 years ago have returned from vacation (or perhaps they were in jail)  – lots of Octopii turning up.

Tory Pollack are off to a reasonable start, which is more than can be said of the Flatfish at Tory – Dabs plentiful, but our real targets of Turbot , Brill & Plaice are “missing in action” – actually missing in inaction!

Wrecks fishing as normal for early season – billions of Coalfish but decent Pollack & Ling if you can get to fish for them.

Limeburner is fishing OK for Gurnards, Whiting & the usual suspects – reports of good numbers of Haddock.


Ballan Wrasse Cuckoo Wrasse Dabs Octopus Red Gurnards


Nice 9 Pound Tory Island Pollack

Nice 9 Pound Tory Island Pollack