2016 season ends

October 15th, 2016

2016 has been a poor season for weather – perhaps not just as poor as 2015 (which was the worse since 2000 in my opinion).

Visibility through the season remained OK – but never fantastic, with my records not showing anything better than 20m on any day.

The Rosguill continues to explore new wrecks & marks and during 2016 the following are of note: –

UB 124 – the WW1 Uboat which helped sink the Justicia was dived for the second time.

U110 – the WW1 Uboat which sank the Amazon is believed to be pinged & hope to dive this mark in 2017

Found & dived an unknown mark which turned out to be a Type IX operation Deadlight in around 95m

Found and dived a WW1 steam trawler which is possibly the Corientes.

Dived the bow section of HMS Curacoa 126m

Found & pinged a small wreck, approximately 30m in 104m – hope to dive in 2017

Of note, on another dive boat, a diver recovered crockery printed with – ‘Manchester Liners’ – finally confirming the identity of the Manchester Commerce, which now leaves a very large unknown cargo wreck in 95m to be positively ID’ed

I look forward to 2017 with curiosity & interest.