Mid June

June 8th, 2017

Season continues apace: –

Mackeral still a bit patchy – I remain hopeful that they will be plentiful soon.

Conger – caught a 32LB Conger which is a great size for around here

Limeburner – fishing great for Whiting, Haddock etc – in fact Whiting are close to becoming the “New Coalfish”.

Tope – scarce

Common Skate – the new Common Skate mark produces again in 2017

Tory – good for Pollack & Flatfish

Bays – Thornbacks OK – another day or so before finding out about other fish

Octopus – made a return in 2016 and still here!

Sandeels – 2016 and there were millions around on the sand – seems to be a good few this year also.