2020 starts very late………..

July 5th, 2020

But, the usual suspects are all there……..

Enough Mackeral around – not as they were 7/7+ years ago when by July they were everywhere in huge numbers, but spent just 20 minutes or so to get enough for the day. Hit a huge shoal of Herring – only picked up a few from it but got a dozen or so Mackeral which were amongst it.

Tory fished as normal, except the Flatfish were still not up to standard – 2/3 years now where Flatfish, especially Turbot & Brill, have been difficult to catch at Tory. Loads of Coalies (as damn usual), Gurnard, Whiting, Haddock, Doggies as expected.

Mulroy Bay, loads of Thornbacks but no Flatfish – maybe just one of those days – we’ll see.

Little Cod from the Gurnard ground
Tory Haddock
Mulroy Bay Thornie, caught by a guy with strange coloured hands.

Double Dog – no, not the angler….
Still around this past few years after an absence of 12/14 years.